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Doi Pui Camping

Just west of Chiang Mai, behind the well known mountain Doi Sutep, you find the slightly higher mountain peak, Doi Pui. There you also find both a local mountain village of the Mhong people, fantastic trails with even better views, but also a very nice campsite.

Viewpoint at Doi Pui by sunset

You can bring your own tent, and there are also few places to hang a hammock up there, but most people prefer to sleep in tents, so that is also the only option for rent there. Overnight stay has to be registered at the ranger office, and if you bring everything yourself, then the price is 30 baht (about 1 dollar). There is a coffee shop next to the rangers office, and a bit further down on the campsite, there is a restaurant. Prices are a bit higher than local shops in town, but you get a seriously big portion. And it is tasty good food. There are good wi-fi connection, at least with True.

Toilet facilities include both option for shower an normal sit down european style toilets. Quite fine, but do not expect to find hot water. And given the fact that the camp only is open for the public in the “cold” season, then water is bound to be……….. well lets just say cold. Camp is only open for the public from 1. October to 1. April.

It is easy to find and reach, just go west passed Chiang Mai Zoo, up the mountain pass Wat Doi Sutep, the big “must see” temple on the mountain. Keep on going passed the Kings sommer residence, and when you get to a T-junction, with option to go straight or turn right, then you go right, and continue up. Small road, not much room, so be aware of possible cars coming against you in the corners. On you way the the Mhong village, you will pass the campsite. Can not miss it.

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