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Mon Pha Mok Camping

Mon Pha Mok is a really nice campsite, far from the hustle of the city. Isolated on a small hilltop with nice area to setup tent, and a few options for hammocks. Most campsites do not really plan to accommodate hammocks, since everybody uses tents, but this camp has a few trees that suits the job.

Going up there is for the last bit off road. Not hard, normal motorbike / scooter can handle it, and the view is really worth the trip. The camp is situated north of the road to Pai, south of Chiang Dao, and since it is so isolated, then the night sky is just fantastic.

Looking south

The camp has got a Thai kitchen with gas stove for the customers to use, and there are toilet and shower facilities. It is also possible to rent a room in a primitive hut there, all with fantastic views.

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